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'Road to Destiny,' a Big Success in Peru Heads to Africa

‘Road to Destiny,’ a Big Success in Peru Heads to Africa

| On 25, Aug 2016

Once more, Televisa (DISCOP Africa participant) consolidates as Latin America’s Giant of entertainment, this time with the telenovela Road to Destiny and its successful walk through Peru.

During May and June, Road to Destiny reached 10.3 rating points and 22.6% of share, figures that helped América TV, the television network broadcasting the melodrama in the Andean country, surpass its closest competitor by a 56% in the rating category and by a 58% in the share.

The telenovela, starred by Paulina Goto and Horacio Pancheri, with the stellar performances of Eugenia Cauduro, Jorge Aravena, Lissete Morelos, and Ana Patricia Rojo, has become one of the Peruvian audience’s favorite after its major success in the United States and Mexico.

Road to Destiny is the story of a great violinist, a young girl who grows up believing she is the gardener’s daughter until destiny manages to do justice to her by confronting her with her real father, a man who just wants to hurt her.

A production of Nathalie Lartilleux that has been sold to 16 Latin American countries, has already entered to Europe, in Spain, Rumania, Chipre, and Poland, and finally to African countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

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