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DISCOP Africa Launches B2B Buzz-Generating Program

8 JULY 2015 – Los Angeles and Johannesburg-based trade event organizer Basic Lead has announced the launch of the new MEET YOUR STARS promotional program which is set to be a dynamic new addition to the 11th edition of DISCOP AFRICA which takes place from 4 to 6 November in Johannesburg.

MEET YOUR STARS is a live opportunity for producers and distributors attending DISCOP AFRICA to unveil their upcoming TV shows, and new series of returning primetime hits, in front of an audience of qualified “influencers” with the power to affect viewing and purchase decisions in Africa’s booming television ecosystem.

A total of twenty-four brand new and hit TV shows will be grouped in three categories, COMEDY & LIFESTYLE, SERIES & SOAPS and COMPETITION & REALITY SHOWS, and presented in front of an invited group of influential journalists, programmers, media buyers, advertisers and social media bloggers to showcase the series’ launch in Africa.

“In today’s multi-screen world it is vital for brand new shows to have a strong, immersive launch from the very start. Generating an even more tangible buzz for programs and the talent both on screen and behind them during DISCOP AFRICA will now be a significant part of our mission.” says Patrick ZUCHOWICKI, General Manager of Basic Lead, who adds, “The MEET YOUR STARS promotional program will be an efficient opportunity to draw attention to and raise the level of interest for these upcoming TV shows, as well as primetime favorites, amongst strategic ‘industry influencers’ in Africa’s television and advertising ecosystems.”

Each TV show will be allocated a 90-minute presentation slot to be programmed across three hemicyclic theatres equipped with a multimedia stage set-up to let influencers engage and interact live with actors, producers, directors and writers of these series and learn more about each of them.

1,500+ delegates from 90+ countries are expected to attend DISCOP AFRICA representing key broadcasters, pay-tv platforms, mobile networks, online operators, producers, distributors, advertisers, influencers and investors driving multiplatform television business across Africa.