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| On 05, Nov 2015

From 4 November, CANAL+ ADVERTISING will have exclusive responsibility for Gulli AFRICA’s advertising slots, sponsorships and partnerships.

The Lagardère Active Group’s kids’ channel is set to enhance CANAL+ ADVERTISING’s Frenchspeaking Pan-African offering in the kids and family target market. Gulli AFRICA conveys the same values as its big sister Gulli and is equally as educating as amusing.

Launched last March, Gulli AFRICA is available in more than 20 French-speaking sub-Saharan African countries as part of the Evasion offer of the CANAL+ MULTICHANNEL PACKAGE. The CANAL+ Group is the first satellite pay television operator in Central and West Africa, present in more than 25 African countries, with 10 subsidiaries, more than 30 partners and a powerful distribution network.

Jean-René AUCOUTURIER, France & International Commercial Director for Lagardère Active TV: “It’s perfectly natural that we should turn to CANAL+ ADVERTISING for our advertising sales. With already more than 1.2 million subscribers we wanted to take on a strong partner, with solid expertise on the African continent given its unique position. We are enthusiastic about the idea of working with CANAL+ ADVERTISING, a division that has forged strong local links with advertisers active in Africa. It’s a real bonus for Gulli AFRICA which is looking to increase its initiatives in all the countries where it is broadcast, but still with the same respect for young viewers to maintain this great relationship of trust that we have created with parents.”

Pierre-Paul VANDER SANDE, Managing Director of CANAL+ ADVERTISING: “We are very proud to welcome aboard the newest member of a group that has demonstrated its expertise in the world of kids’ television. This choice is a credit to us and the clear complementary aspects in terms of target markets and the strength and quality of our extensive offering is sure to strengthen our position on the pan-African advertising market.”

Less than 6 months after its creation, CANAL+ ADVERTISING has already become the number one pan-African division with a portfolio of channels that are powerful and targeted, such as CANAL+ OUEST and CENTRE, CANAL+ SPORT 1, 2, 3 and 4, A+, NOLLYWOOD TV, NOVELAS TV and now Gulli AFRICA. This varied portfolio equips CANAL+ ADVERTISING with the key assets for providing its customers and their brands with a wide range of diverse media solutions, making it possible to cover all their communication needs.

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