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Group Ab at DISCOP Africa and their Content

Group Ab at DISCOP Africa and their Content

| On 22, Oct 2014


Leading independent distribution company group AB boasts International Emmy nominated “Spiral” (“Engrenages 52×52”). The series is a huge hit in France on CANAL+, as well as on BBC 4 (UK), and is the first French series ever to be broadcast on Netflix! Also in the AB line-up is “Cut” (140×26, already season 2). A huge success on prime time on France Television, this is a French high quality soap series! After her husband’s death, Laura Park, 33 y.o, has to move in with her family-in-law on the Reunion island. But this family hates her and keeps trying to steal her 17 y.o son Jules away from her…The young mother won’t let that happen and, while protecting herself, will also find true love again.

Also top-lining in Johannesburg is “Love in Paris (“Les Mystères de l’Amour” already 200×52 episodes, a massive success in France and abroad). Set on a barge on the Seine in Paris the series revolves around a group of friends whose lives are bound together by deceit, intrigue and death. They will have to fight drug dealers, stay strong against temptation, and make sure that love will prevail against all. A huge hit on female audience for this long running series.

You can also find in AB’s line up many high quality documentaries (animal, history, sport, travel, science), as AB is the editor of more than 11 thematic channels.

Says Juliette Laniez, Group AB sales Executive: “We are happy to introduce our library of more than 15,000 programs to African buyers.” Meet with Laniez at the TVFI Pavilion.

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More than 1million viewers on average on CANAL + prime time for this award winning series!Nominated for the International Emmy Awards, Winner of the 2012 and 2008 Best French export fiction program by TVFI, nominated for the Crystal Globes at the Monte Carlo Festival, this huge success has been sold to Netflix (a premiere for a French series), to BBC 4 (UK), to Globosat in Brazil, to Fox Crime in Italy, Axn in Japan, SBS in Australia, and many more! Through the eyes of a young deputy public prosecutor, a police captain, a preliminary judge and a criminal lawyer, this series describes the machinery of justice in Paris, its players and its small tricks. Each season, the heroes are faced with diverse criminal affairs: abuses, murders, organized crimes, terrorist threats…These investigations are also the opportunity to develop the private lives of our characters: ambition, friendship, success and failure… (52×52, running series)


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