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AFRIKA'S AMAZONE (1st Prize Animated Series, Abidjan 2016)

AFRIKA’S AMAZONE (1st Prize Animated Series, Abidjan 2016)

DISCOP Abidjan 2016

The heroines are four young women in their twenties who travel Africa to right wrongs and fight against Mabaka the looter.

(26x13min) – Estimated cost of production: US$260,000

Author: El Hadji Malick SECK (Senegal)

Malick Seck is the artistic director of the TV channel TFM. He is the producer of Journal Rappé in Senegal. A graphic designer, producer and screenwriter, he is the creator of several Senegalese TV shows. He is also a rapper and earned a Kora Awards with his band in 2010, behind P-Square.

Before surrendering to French colonists, Behanzin had asked his woman-lieutenant to escape with four of her best Amazon warriors from Dahomey in order to form a dynasty that would fight imperialism and injustice on African land. This secret army has been renewed every 20 years until modern days. Zanta, Kasinda, Fatou and Aaliyah – as well as the four future Amazons, aged 5, whose training has just started – are under the command of Mama Oba. They live in the depths of the tropical forest in a secret location. The great wealth of King Behanzin, made of gold and gemstones, gives them many opportunities. It is believed that ten generations (1,000 years) will be necessary to fulfill their missions.

In each episode, the Amazons solve a problem linked to deforestation, looting of raw material or tyranny. Behind each of these injustices is Mabata, a powerful man who owns a multinational corporation and constantly tries to make profit, looting Africa’s natural resources. The heroines always thwart his plans.

In daily life, the Amazons have ordinary jobs: Fatou owns a restaurant, Zanta is a model, Kasinda a hairdresser and Aaliyah owns a clothing store.

While Fatou is convinced of being the most beautiful with her feminine body shapes, Kasinda is a tomboy and only thinks of gadgets; Zanta loves Nigerian music and rap; Aaliyah is very shy and waits for the charming prince who will propose her and start a large family with her.

TO CONTACT MALICK: – +221 77 21 24 47 51


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