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DOWE MBA (1st Prize, TV Series, Abidjan 2016)

DOWE MBA (1st Prize, TV Series, Abidjan 2016)

DISCOP Abidjan 2016

Dowé, a court intern, investigates at night, wearing a powerful ancient mask.

(8×52′) – Estimated production cost: US$ 400.000

Author: Samantha BIFFOT (Gabon), Princesse M Productions

Samantha cofounded in 2010 the company Princesse M Productions. She wrote and directed the series “L’oeil de la Cité”, which was awarded the best TV series prize at Fespaco in 2013. In 2015, she directed her first full-length documentary film, which was awarded the Special Prize at Escales Documentaires in Libreville. She co-wrote and directed the adaptation of the successful Gabonese TV show “Parents Mode d’Emploi”.

Synopsis: The idea is to create the first African righter of wrongs/superhero, based on reinvented Gabonese myths and rites, so as to have a strong identity in a period when films and series featuring super heroes proliferate.

Songhana. A fictional African city. Two interns work at the law court. They’re investigating on a serial killer case. One day, they are kidnapped, murdered and thrown in a lake. The next day, Dowé, one of the interns, wakes up, revived near the lakefront, with an African mask by his side. Quickly, he realized that this mask bestows powers upon him. Armed with this mask, he investigates at nightfall to understand who killed him and why, where this mask comes from and why all of this is happening. But above all, he will get to know himself by deciding to fight crime and injustice in a city plagued by corruption. His discoveries will go far beyond what he could ever imagine: in the city’s dark, a gloomy project is underway.

The series is set in an urban environment and intends to be very modern, but its African DNA is inspired by Gabonese rites and myths, as well as the conflict between tradition and modernity, embodied by a rootless hero, who must go an a journey to discover his own land and traditions while understanding what happens to him. The series also deal with African societal issues, such as corruption and democracy.

 TO CONTACT SAMANTHA: / Tel: +241 07771427