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DISCOP Travels

DISCOP Travels to Cameroon and DRC

| On 10, Jul 2014

It has been an exciting year for DISCOP Africa: our exhibiting spaces have sold at a record pace, registrations are surpassing expectations and the number of influential media organizations who are participating in one form or another is impressive and exciting.

DISCOP has grown into a well known brand in Africa’s TV and Film industry but there are still territories in the vast, diverse continent that we have not reached. Our outreach campaign DISCOP Travels has been designed to identify and help media companies in these regions connect, expand and explore markets in Africa and internationally.

Betty Yengo one of DISCOP’s Account Executives recently embarked in an outreach and media tour to increase awareness of DISCOP Africa and DISCOPRO in the Cameroon cities of Doula and Yaoundé and Kinshasa in the Republic of Congo. The 12 day tour was scheduled around a number of important meetings and TV appearances with a variety of media outlets and independent producers.

In Cameroon Betty met with Canal 2, CRTV, STV-Spectrum DBS (Danpullo Broadcasting Systems), Canal 24, Radio TV Balafon, AKWABA TV and conducted 2 presentations on DISCOPRO

Betty on Le Journal de Gaelle Kibungu

During her time in the Republic of Congo, Betty with TV channels Kin24, B-One, Tele 50, Fondation Hirondelle and held a DISCOPRO presentation for independadnt producers.

Betty’s outreach tour was incredibly beneficial for DISCOP Africa and equally beneficial for independent producers who attended the Betty’s presentations. Most independent producers whom Betty met with were unaware of DISCOP Africa or markets like it in general. Theses producers have been working and selling content in a market place limited to their local areas and are very excited in the potential to expand their reach through DISCOP Africa. “I am confident that we will see an increase in French speaking producers from these regions at DISCOP Africa, there is a definite excitement about the market,” shared Betty about her interactions with various independent producers.

Enjoy pictures and additional videos of Betty trip below:

DISCOPRO Presentation Kinshasa

Betty on Invite (Tele 50)

Cameroon Producers Meeting

Betty on RTNC

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