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Africanews: A new dimension for pan-African news to be launched January 4th, 2016

Africanews: A new dimension for pan-African news to be launched January 4th, 2016

| On 06, Nov 2015

Conceived for the new Africa rising to the challenge of the digital era, the pan-African media will be the voice of those who make the continent move

During Discop Africa in Johannesburg, Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews and Africanews, announced the launch in the first days of 2016 of the first pan-African and multilingual media. He presented the unique concept, the vision and the mission of Africanews and also revealed its logo and look & feel.

Johannesburg, November 5th, 2015 – In January 2014, Euronews announced its plans to create a sister channel dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa. Today, a team of 85 professionals of 15 nationalities, based in Congo-Brazzaville, is creating an international news channel to cover African and the world news from a pan-African perspective. Produced 24/7 simultaneously in English, French and partially Swahili. Africanews will meet the challenges and opportunities of a Digital Africa, and will introduce the media service on all digital screens and media platforms.

In response to the question “Why Africanews?” Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews and Africanews answered: “Africa is a land of opportunities. It is a continent which is rising. But why can’t we hear what the Africans have to say, not only on African affairs, but on world affairs too? The demand for unbiased News is unmet. There is a gap to fill. This is why we are launching Africanews to pioneer independent News from the African perspective.

Africanews is not ‘Euronews Africa’. Editorially independent from Euronews and from any political or ideological agenda, Africanews is designed as the first pan-African multilingual news service. Sharing the same values of independence, reliability and diversity, Africanews and Euronews will have fruitful interactions, enriching each other’s content, perspectives, much to the benefit of the audience who will always have insider’s views. Interactions between Africa and the world, and each continent like Europe, is growing as Africa rises. The Africanews / Euronews network will be at the center of this phenomenon.”

“To become the first ever pan-African, multilingual, and unbiased media in Africa we need to solve the image issue first.” added Michael Peters. “We are building an unprecedented network of journalists all across the Sub-Saharan continent, based on the diversity of their nationalities and points of view. Another strong asset will be ‘Story Hunters’, an exclusive programme that will allow viewers and users to be part of the story. ‘Story Hunters’ will be based on user generated content, aiming to make ‘All African’ voices heard.

In addition, it is impossible to set up a news media dedicated to Africans without being associated with talented partners. And that’s why, among others, Monarchy, the award winning Johannesburg based creative agency, developed the look & feel of the media. Fully adhering to the Africanews project, the famous African composer, singer and DJ Black Coffee is an ambassador of the pioneering media. Jake Odendaal, South African Music Awards nominated producer with over 60 albums, composed the Africanews music.

Africanews also aims to support local industry initiatives and young talented entrepreneurs to participate in building a dynamic and growth oriented image of a rising Africa. With VMK, the first African company to make mobile devices, we are producing Africanews phone, a branded smartphone to be distributed in the first weeks of Africanews’ launch. I am proud of the team built around Africanews and pleased to announce that it will be available worldwide thanks to the fully responsive tool, to all devices from 4 January 2016. A new adventure will start for a fully-fledged Pan-African network whose unique mission is empowering people through independent and reliable news.”

On January 4th, 2016, Africanews will be launched globally on all screens and media platforms and will be available worldwide via, built to fit all devices, whatever the connection available. A few weeks after, Africanews will be aired on both Ku band satellite SES 4 and 5 providing a global footprint over the whole Sub Saharan Africa.

This will be followed by Africanews Apps available on devices like tablets, mobile phones, and a web radio.

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